How To Block Internet Access For Any Program In One Click (Windows 7 and Vista)


How to block a program from accessing the internet? ¬†You don’t need any additional software to do this, just your native Windows Firewall. BUT… if you go through standard firewall procedure it will require much more then one click, so I’ll show you the easiest way ūüôā

We will create shell extension for right-click context menu which will have two options: “Block Internet Access” and “Allow Internet Access“. Here we go…


1 ¬†¬†First off, you’ll have to check if your Windows Firewall is turned on. Click on your start menu and type “windows firewall” into the search box. ¬†Click on the Windows Firewall¬†result under Control Panel group. Make sure everything is set like this, and click OK:

Windows Firewall on/off

2¬†¬† Secondly, you’ll have to disable UAC (User Account Control) feature. To do this, go to start menu and type “uac” into the search box. ¬†Select “Change User Account Control Settings“, drag the slider all the way down, and click OK:

Change User Account Control Settings

3   Right click HERE, choose Save Link As or Save Target As and save save file on your desktop.

4¬†¬† Double-click downloaded file. The window will prompt saying “Adding information can unintentionally change or delete values… bla, bla, bla … Are you sure you want to continue?” Click YES. It will prompt again to notify you that information was successfully added to the registry. Click OK.


Disable internet connection from context menuDONE !  You can now block/unblock any program or video game from going online with only one click! 

This can be extremely useful for unregistered programs/games that tend to connect to internet¬†in order to lock themselves if you didn’t pay for licence ūüôā¬†

Just right-click on program/game shortcut on your Desktop or Start Menu menu group and choose Block Internet Access. Program stay blocked until you unblock it with Unblock Internet Access option.

Feel free to test this with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Even Internet Explorer could be blocked.



If you want to remove “Block Internet Access” and “Allow Internet Access” options from your context¬†menu, right click HERE,¬†choose¬†¬†Save Link As¬†or¬†Save Target As and¬†save file on your desktop. Run saved file, confirm both dialog windows and both options will disappear from right click menu.

¬†Note: Before removing this feature, make sure you unblocked all apps that was previously blocked! Otherwise they’ll stay blocked until you delete/change their firewall rules from Windows Firewall settings.


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