Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Screen Flashing Fix


Imagine you’ve just installed COD Advanced Warfare on your brand new PC with a killer GPU, hoping to jump into an Exo-suit and shoot some North Korean bad guys… ¬†

You’re closing your Chrome FB window, turning off Skype and all other stuff that may interrupt your gameplay. Finally you doubleclick the game icon, preparing to max out all the graphic settings and spend the weekend shooting, but…


Instead of fancy Activision intro, all you’ve got is a lousy blank screen, flashing and showing some intro frames from time to time, with annoying chopped sound in the background… Sounds pretty disturbing, right ūüôā ?¬†

Don’t worry, this is a very common problem with many¬†Call of Duty titles, and happens for a number of reasons. Luckily for you, it can be fixed easily, but it requires a little bit of work. Follow the rest of this post…


Method 1: install the latest GPU drivers

Yeah, I know, this is the first thing everyone recommends when you’re having troubles with games and it rarely helps. But from the experience of many COD Advanced Warfare players, this¬†is exactly what they did to solve annoying screen flashing problem.

It is a good practice to uninstall all GPU related software and drivers before installing everything to the latest versions. Although this can be done through the standard Windows uninstall procedure, best practice is to use DDU-utility. Further info here:


Method 2: try switching to lower resolution

Screen flashing may also occur due to poor engine optimization for higher resolutions. Changing resolution may be a little bit tricky since game runs terrible slow during screen flashing, making it almost impossible to enter game options menu. Follow the instructions below to manually change resolution through the game configuration file:

1. Right click on the game shortcut and select Open file location option. This will open the folder containing all game files along with¬†players2 folder. Enter the folder and you’ll find config.cfg file there. For the Steam version of game, config file is located in¬†C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Call of Duty Advanced Warfare\Players2\¬†

2. Right click on the config file, select Open width option and choose WordPad from the list of programs (Notepad can also do the job but it will not show line brakes and everything will look pretty confusing).

3. Search for¬†seta r_mode¬†line and you’ll see resolution under double quotes, something like this:¬†seta r_mode “1920×1080 [16:9]”.¬†Change the resolution to 1280×720, leave everything else intact and save the file.

4. Try running your game again. 


Method 3: delete the config file

If Method 2 doesn’t help, you can try deleting a config file and try running¬†COD AW again. Game will automatically generate a new version of config file with default parameters, and it might fix the problem.


Alternative titles:

Advanced Warfare Screen Blinking
COD AW Screen Flashing Bug
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Lagging
Advanced Warfare Flashing at startup