Download Dinput8.DLL (32bit)


Dinput8.DLL (library) file was originally created by Microsoft Corporation as a part of DirectX runtime components, responsable for DirectInput.

This library handles multimedia input devices such as game controllers (joysticks, joypads, wheels). This process should not be stopped from task manager since its activity is essential for same games and programs to run properly.



This is an old version of Dinput8.DLL library, designed to work with Windows XP/98/95. It must be copied within the installation folder for some older games such as Grand Theft Auto Vice City / San Andreas in order for mouse functions to work properly.


Operating System: Windows XP/98/95
DirectX version: DirectX 8.1
Location: game installation directory
Size on disk: 204 KB (208,896 bytes)


File is compressed with RAR compression method, so you’ll have to decompress it via WinRar archiver or 7-Zip.