Gmail is Abandoning Windows XP And Vista Untill The End of 2017


It ain’t easy being Windows XP or Vista user these days. Google Chrome, Google Drive, Firefox, Dropbox, and now the most important of all… The Gmail.

All essential and the most useful services are dumping XP and Vista and it’s all happening within a one year period! Like there’s been some kind of conspiracy against those operation systems 🙂



Personally, I don’t mourn for Vista, it was a crappy OS anyway, but I really feel sorry for good old Windows XP. It was a king for over a decade! Now it is just a worn-out product, rapidly falling into oblivion, leaving a sunny green meadow as the only memory if its existence in the past. 


End Of Windows XP and VistaFew days ago, Google announced that Gmail will discontinue supporting Chrome version 53 and lower by December 2017. Instead of the latest Gmail interface, XP/Vista users will be switched to basic HTML version of Gmail, since Chrome for XP/Vista can’t be upgraded above version 49. 

On February 8th 2017, a banner may prompt at the top of Gmail’s interface, reminding users to upgrade Chrome to version 55 or above in order to obtain the latest updates.


This banner will disappear if user updates the Chrome, but this applies only to users with newer OS (Windows 7 or above).   


What is this “basic HTML” version of Gmail?

Basic HTML is a very limited version of Gmail, capable of basic email operations only. There’s no chat, spell checking, rich formatting, importing/exporting contacts, keyboard shortcuts, etc. In the other words, it is a very basic web mail application as Gmail was back in 2004 🙂  Here’s how it looks: 

Preview of Gmail Basic Html View


I don’t need fancy Gmail features! Can I just continue sending/receiving my emails?

Yes, you can. BUT… Since there’s no new updates to XP/Vista version of Chrome, you’ll drastically expose yourself to the risk of being hacked! As with any other software, Gmail developers are constantly working to improve security of Gmail and this development will be stopped for XP/Vista version. Hackers, on the other hand, are constantly searching for any kind of workaround on how to bypass security measures, especially with applications such as Gmail


How many people are using Windows XP or Vista today?

According to statistical charts for the end of 2016, about 9% of all desktop computers around the globe are still using Windows XP. As expected, Vista percentage is significantly lower, only about 0.8%. Anyway, this means there are still millions of XP users out there. These folks are rapidly running out of options with their version of OS and, no matter how stubborn they are, upgrading to the newer version of Windows will eventually become inevitable. 


Alternative titles:

Gmail Terminating Support For XP/Vista
Gmail Ending Support For XP/Vista
Gmail Dumping XP and Vista
No More Gmail For XP and Vista
Gmail Stops Supporting Older Browsers
Gmail Will Stop Working On XP and Vista
Gmail Basic HTML View Preview

  1. Gmail is turning its back on Windows XP and Vista as the lights slowly go out on Microsoft s aging and unsupported operating systems. The move specifically impacts XP and Vista since Google capped support for both of those systems at Chrome v49.