How to Completely Remove GPU Drivers And All Related Software Before Reinstalling


Graphic card drivers may get broken from time to time, causing annoying errors when you try to run your games or any other GPU accelerated application. 

Reinstallation will fix the problems in the most number of cases, but to do this properly you should uninstall drivers along with all GPU related software before downloading and installing the latest version from the website of your GPU manufacturer. 


Although this can be done through the standard Windows uninstall procedure, the best solution is to use DDU – Display Driver Uninstaller.




What is DDU Utility (Display Driver Uninstaller) ?

DDU utility is the small and easy-to-use application, designed to deeply remove all previously installed display drivers and additional software related to them. It works equally well for Nvidia, AMD Radeon and Intel graphic drivers. Follow these steps:

1  Download DDU file.

2  Extract file using WinRar archiver or 7-Zip.

3  Enter extracted folder and run Display Driver Uninstaller.exe. If it offers you to download the latest version, do so and start the utility again.

4  Select “Safe Mode” under “Launch option” drop-down menu, and click “Reboot to Safe Mode” button.

5  After your PC restarts it will enter safe mode, and DDU utility will automatically start. As you can see, there’s “Select Graphic Driver” drop-down menu on the right side, where you can choose between graphic card manufacturers (Nvidia, AMD and Intel). On the left side, there’s a list of drivers detected, and as you select card manufacturer, DDU will show you if there are some drivers installed for specific selection. To remove detected driver click on Clean and restart button. It is recommended to delete all drivers detected by DDU, so multiple restarts and Safe Mode entering may be required.

6  When you’re done removing all detected drivers, your PC will boot into the Windows and behave like it is detecting a graphic card for the first time. “Installing device driver software” mesage may appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Ignore everything and install the latest GPU drivers.