How to Fix 0xc000007b Application Error (Windows 7 64bit)


This is a very common error that sometimes occurs when trying to run some DirectX games or applications.

According to numerous articles all across the internet, it occurs when a 32-bit application is trying to interact with 64-bit system environment.

Although Windows XP may sometimes returns a similar error, it most commonly happens in Windows 7 64-bit.


The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.

AC4BFSP.exe 0xc000007b Application Error


Although this problem may occur with every Windows software that depends on DirectX, it most frequently happens with these games:

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag ( AC4BFSP.exe )
Battlefield 4 ( bf4.exe )
Call of Duty: Ghosts ( iw6mp64_ship.exe )
The Elder Scrolls Skyrim ( SkyrimLauncher.exe )
Diablo 3 ( Diablo III.exe )
Dirt 3 ( dirt3_game.exe )
Watch Dogs ( Watch_Dogs.exe )
Just Cause 2 Multiplayer ( JcmpLauncher.exe )
Child of Light ( ChildofLight.exe )
Batman: Arkham City (BatmanAC.exe)
Dead Island (_x86_rwdi.exe)
Dead Rising (DeadRising.exe)
Devil May Cry 4 (DMC4.exe)
Far Cry Primal (FCPrimal.exe)
Resident Evil Series


There are many solutions for this error, but none of them is 100% guaranteed repair. Yet, there are couple of tricks that will solve this trouble in the highest number of cases.

Before trying more complicated methods, there are few simple ways which may help solving OxcOOOOO7b or any other similar error. Follow the rest of this post… 


Reinstall the application

Uninstall the application which gives you an error and install it again. During installation, pay attention to these:

1  Turn off your antivirus software before starting the installation.

2  Accept any additional software offered during installation process, since it may be crucial for running your application properly. You can skip things such as search bars, antivirus scanners, registry cleaners and the other software which isn’t directly related to the application.

3  Install an application to the system partition (C:). Although this shouldn’t matter, it’s been proven that some apps may return an error if installed on a logical partition.


Run application as administrator

Right click on your application and choose “Run as administrator”. This will give additional privileges to the application and sometimes may help fixing some errors.

If this method eliminates the error, you can set your application to always run with an administrator privileges. To do this, choose Properties from right-click menu, select Compatibility tab and check “Run this program as an administrator” option.


Run application in Windows XP compatibility mode

Try running your program in compatibility mode for Windows XP. Although this feature is for programs that were originally designed for Windows XP, it is known that it can also help repairing errors caused by a newer software.

Right click on your application and choose Properties from a right-click menu, go to Compatibility tab and select compatibility mode for Windows XP.


Check hard disk for errors

Application errors and problems may also be repaired by performing disk error checking. Simply right-click on the drive where your application is installed and choose Properties. Select Tools tab and click on Check now button. If it is your primary partition that you are trying to check for errors, it will schedule a disc check for the next system reboot. In that case, restart your PC and wait for a disk check procedure to finish.


If your error is still happening, the problem may require a little bit more attention to be solved. Proceed to the next page to see Method 1


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