How to Fix “Viber has stopped working” Error (windows 7)


Viber is the most popular IM (instant-messaging) and VOIP (voice-over-ip) app for Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian and Bada devices.

Developed by “Viber Media“, this small but extremely useful software became planetary popular overnight, and there is no smartphone or tablet who doesn’t have it installed.



High quality voice calls and text messaging with rich variety of emoticons, animated messages and animated stickers, boosted Viber to the top as direct competition to all well-known IM apps, such as Skype, WhatApp and Facebook Messenger.

Although originally designed as the mobile app, it eventually arrived to desktops powered by Windows, OS X and 64-bit LinuxWindows 7 users, as the most numerous, are highly interested to get a new desktop version of Viber, but sometimes it ain’t that easy…

Right after installation, Viber.exe might crash, returning “Viber has stopped workingerror message

Viber has stopped working, windows 7

Solution for this error is to install the latest Windows 7 updates, especially Service Pack 1. Since Viber is relatively newer software, it utilizes the latest Windows programs and libraries, which sometimes can’t be found if OS wasn’t updated recently.

Even if you think your Windows OS is currently up to date, run Windows Update utility and check for updates or follow THIS link to see detail explanation on how to update Windows 7 properly.


Alternative titles:

Viber for windows 7 not working
Windows 7 Viber crash
Viber.exe unable to start