Simple Trick To Download Movies, Songs, Games And Software LEGALLY And For FREE


How does the title of this page sound? Like some kind of annoying advertising banner, right??

Well, although it sounds fake, I assure you it isn’t. What I’m going to show you in the rest of this post is a simple trick on how to use Google search to find various types of files all over the internet, including movies, songs, games, software, books, pdf documents and much more!


This is something I’ve discovered accidentally few years ago, leaving me astonished and amazed. Since then, I’m using this method to find and download interesting content without torrenting and exposing myself of being tracked and arrested.

So, again, this method has nothing to do with TORRENT sites and software related to them! Your don’t have to install any additional software such as torrent clients, downloaders or anything like that. You will downloading content directly from your browser, using only Google search as your ally. 

Also there’s no registration on suspicious websites, paid membership or download limit in terms of speed or data amount.

Of course, checking downloaded files with your antivirus is a wise thing to do, as always.


Enough talking, let’s move to the point!

Ok, the trick is to search for wanted content through the directories of various websites! Although these folders are usually protected and forbidden for direct access, sometimes developers forget to make restriction, leaving valuable content exposed to visitors and search engine crawlers! If unprotected, site directories will be available for browsing through your browser, and they will be listed within the Google search results, along with websites. The directory search result will always have “Index of” word at the beginning of result title. Example:

 This is how web directories look within google search results

For example if offers watching movies and TV shows, it probably has a bunch of movie files, stored in some of its subfolders like If they forgot to forbid directory listing, you’ll be able to access these folders through your browser and download as much as you want, just by clicking on desired file! You can even move through the entire directory structure, exploring the content. This way you’ll bypass the entire website, which would probably ask you to register and pay before accessing their content. This is how it may look: 

 Example of website directory listing in Google Chrome



How to use Google to search only website directories (folders)?

This is a tricky part. If you enter a simple phrase in Google search box, you’ll probably end up getting results collected from websites content, instead of directories content, since directory content has a lower priority in Google search then website content.

The solution is to add “index of” before your search phrase, since every web directory page contains “Index of” within the page title. This will increase your chances of getting directories content, but the results may still contain a lot of websites content. Example:


index of old lazy dog


index of” is the phrase which is related to web directories, and “old lazy dog” is related to content you’re after. This will return all pages containing any of those words. This solution may give you a good results but sometimes you may end up with more websites then directories.

Even better solution is to use Google search operator “allintitle” to filter your results more precisely. This operator filters the results by displaying only those containing a specific phrase within the page title. Example:


old lazy dog allintitle: “index of”


This will return pages containing “old lazy dog” phrase (or some parts of it), but only if page title contains the exact phrase “index of”. So, if there’s some web directory page containing “old lazy dog” phrase, it will be prioritized within your search results. Still, to find specific content such as a movie, song, pdf document or PC software, you can use couple of more tricks and techniques, described above.


How to Google search for directories containing movies?

This depends on the structure of movie title. If you’re searching for “The Secret Life of Pets”, you have more chances since this set of words may only refer to the movie, because there isn’t anything else called “The secret Life of Pets”. So it is enough to go with:


index of the secret life of pets


the secret life of pets allintitle: “index of”


 But what if you’re searching for movie “Frozen” ? This is a single-word title, plus it is a pretty common word and may refer to many things. In this case, it as a good practice to add more parameters after desired movie title to indicate that it is the name of a movie file. Production year would be the best (check this on, if you’re not sure) and/or movie resolution (1080p or 720p). Example:


index of frozen 2013 1080p


frozen 2013 1080p allintitle: “index of”


If you’re searching for a complex movie title, such as “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”, choose the most unique words (no more of 3-4). Example:


index of star wars revenge sith


star wars revenge sith allintitle: “index of”



How to Google search for directories containing mp3 songs?

Although there’s a lot of free MP3 download services out there, this is still a way faster and easier solution for quick and simple discovery of MP3 files. Searching for MP3 songs ain’t much different then searching for movies, except here we always seek for the same extension. So follow the same routine, just add “mp3” word. Example: 


index of metallica one mp3


metallica one mp3 allintitle: “index of”



How to Google search for directories containing PC programs and games?

Searching for programs and games within the web directories may be the trickiest method since software installations may come in few different formats. They may be compressed via different compression archivers which means they may have different extensions. The most common compression extensions for Windows are ZIP, RAR, 7Z and ALZ.

It is also very common that some directories contains the original ISO files with PC programs and games.

Sometimes, although rarely, installations may be there in uncompressed form with EXE or MSI extensions.

All these extensions are a good additional parameter to add to your search, to easily find what you’re looking for. Before adding an extension as additional search parameter, try using the software name combined with the word “installation”. Example:


index of photoshop cc installation


photoshop cc installation allintitle: “index of”



How to Google search for directories containing PDF books?

Alright, this might be far less popular than previous categories, since having a real paper book is the only real experience of reading them. But anyway, if you’re about to find and download free PDF books to read on your desktop/laptop screen or tablet, this is a good way to go. Many websites are selling books or offering free online reading and their directories are probably full of interesting literature. Since books almost always come in PDF format, you can use the same search method as described for MP3 songs, but instead of “mp3” you should use “pdf”. Example: 


index of da vinci code pdf


da vinci code pdf allintitle: “index of”



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