How To Remove Floppy Disk Drive From Windows Explorer If There’s No Floppy Installed


Once a powerful storage device, today a long forgotten piece of IT history. Featuring 1.44mb Floppy Disk Drive was a primary and the most popular storage medium of its time. People were using floppy diskettes for saving business documents, sharing images, PC games, even MP3 songs

How was that possible with only 1.44mb available? Well sometimes files had to be compressed and even split to several archives, to be carried from one PC to another.


Today, the only memory of floppy existence is a small floppy icon, labeled as “Floppy Disk Drive (A:)“, aligned above the C disk in Windows Explorer. If you click on this icon, your PC will hang for a couple of seconds before returning a message: “Please insert a disk into Floppy Disk Drive (A:)”. Might be very frustrating, especially if you click on the damn thing accidentally while trying to choose your C drive.




A little bit funny isn’t it? I mean, you don’t even have a floppy drive installed and yet Windows behaves like it’s there and waiting for you to insert a diskette.

This is due to floppy drive controller installed on your motherboard. This hardware is plug-and-play compatible with all versions of Windows, and that’s why you have floppy disk drive listed among removable storage devices.


How to delete/remove Floppy Disk Drive from the list of storage devices

1  Go to the Windows Start menu and type “device manager” into the search box. Select the first item on the top of all listed results.

2  Withing the list of available hardware, look for Floppy drive controllers and expand that item. 

3  Right click on Standard floppy disk controller, select disable and confirm.



That’s it! No more useless, irritating floppy icon in Windows Explorer!


Alternative titles:

Remove floppy icon from Windows Explorer
Delete floppy drive from Windows
Uninstall floppy drive 
Hide floppy disk drive in Windows
Disable floppy disk drive icon