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  • How to Fix “Right-click to run Adobe Flash Player” or “Couldn’t load plugin” Problem With Facebook Games And Other Flash Apps

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    Are you suddenly unable to play your favorite FB game any more? Or trying to watch some online video but player is unable to load? Instead of content you’re getting blank space with short message saying “Right-click to run Adobe Flash Player” or “Couldn’t load plugin“?  

    This usually occurs if your browser doesn’t have a Flash Player plugin installed or it does but for some reason, plugin stopped working (most common scenario). Adobe Flash Player is a very popular Chrome plugin developed by Adobe. Although it is the most commonly used for browser games (flash games) and online video players, many online applications are using flash technology. 


    But sometimes, Adobe Flash Player browser plugin suddenly stops working, and besides Google Chrome, it may also happen in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and any other browser.  So if  you have Flash browser plugin installed but you’re still unable to run flash apps, the solution is to install Adobe Flash Player system plugin from the official Adobe Flash Player page. 



    How to fix broken flash player browser plugin

    1. Open your browser and go to https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

    2. On the right side of page, you’ll see the link to Adobe Flash Player system plug-in. Click on it and you’ll get Install now button.

    3. Unselect all optional offers such as McAfee Security Scan Plus and True key by Intel Security, cause you don’t need these.

    4. Click on Install now and download Adobe Flash Player Installer to your desktop. When download finishes, close your browser.

    5. Run the installer, leave Allow Adobe to install updates selected  and go through the rest of installation process. 


    Alternative titles:

    Broken Adobe Flash Player
    Facebook Game Doesn’t Work
    Candy Crush Saga won’t work
    Farm Heroes Saga Error
    Clash Of Clans Problem
    Criminal Case Unable To Load Plugin
    Pet Rescue Saga Fix
    Subway Surfers Doesn’t Workd
    Dragon City Unable to Start



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  • How to Configure Virtual Memory Usage On Windows 7?

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    As you may already know, RAM memory (Random-access memory) is the fastest memory device where your CPU can write and read data. All programs use RAM memory and depending on the complexity of their tasks, they may be more or less RAM demanding. 

    RAM memory is managed by a running software and operation system, so it can’t be accessed directly like other storage devices such as SSD/HDD, Flash memory or DVD.

    No matter if you are playing a video-game, surfing internet, watching movie or using programs such as Photoshop or Microsoft Office, your RAM memory is constantly being exploited.


    What happens when you run out of RAM memory?

    Well this is the moment when virtual memory takes place. Virtual memory is the amount of memory which will be “borrowed” from a hard disk, to make it possible to continue working even if RAM memory is full. This is usually the moment when your computer slows down drastically, since writing/reading to the HDD is significantly slower. To avoid this kind of behavior, software is usually designed to preserve RAM memory as much as possible, using virtual memory for less prioritized processes.

    When using virtual memory, Windows is designed to put all the data in pagefile.sys file. So if you stumble upon this file in the root level of your HDD partition (usually C:), do not try to delete or move it since this file is protected and locked by Windows OS.


    Follow next steps to configure virtual memory usage for optimal working performances

    1. Go to  your start menu and type “advanced system settings” into the search field. Click on the search result saying View advanced system settings.

    2. Select Advanced tab under System Properties window and click Settings button under Performance area. Performance Options window will appear.

    3. Select Advanced tab and click on Change button under Virtual memory area. 

    4. Now you finally reached Virtual Memory window. All HDD and/or SSD partitions will be listed for you to choose where paging file (pagefile.sys) will be created. If selected partition belongs to SSD drive, it will perform much faster then HDD, but keep in mind that you should never drop below, at least 10gb of available space on selected drive. If the size of pagefile.sys exceeds the available disk space, running programs will probably hang or crash, sometimes even reporting memory related errors. If this happens, check the selected drive and try to free some space there. 

    Once you selected where paging file will be created, select System managed size and hit the Set button. After this, go through all other drives and choose No paging file, hitting Set button each time. This way you’ll have only one pagefile.sys file at selected location, which is the best option for optimal performance.

    5. Clicking OK button at the bottom of Virtual Memory window, and all other windows. Restart dialog will prompt saying “You must restart your computer to apply these changes”, select Restart Now and wait for your system to reboot.


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  • How to Fix “The program can’t start because OpenAL32.dll is missing from your computer” Error Message (Windows XP, 7, 8, 10)

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    OpenAL32.dll is a dynamic link library (DLL) file designed and developed by Creative Labs Inc. and NVIDIA Corp. It is commonly used by video games and various Windows software which utilize GPU acceleration.

    It is usually located within the same folder as the program which uses it, but it may also be found in C:\Windows\System32.

    When OpenAL32.dll becomes corrupted or accidentally removed, program will most likely crash when started, and you’ll get en error message like this:


    dirt3_game.exe – System Error: The program can’t start because OpenAL32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.


    Method 1: reinstall the program which returns the error

    Since almost every software which utilize OpenAL32.dll contains its own version of this library, the best practice is to uninstall the problematic program completely and do a fresh installation. Still, some programs are written to use OpenAL32.dll from within the Windows system folder, so en error will reoccur after reinstalling the program.


    Method 2: reinstall all Nvidia related software 

    If you’re using Nvidia graphic card, the solution may be to reinstall your Nvidia software and drivers. Make sure to remove all Nvidia related software before installing the new drivers. The best practice would be to remove drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller.


    Method 3: download and manually add OpenAL32.dll

    Although many tutorials all over the Internet suggest this as the first and best solution, it should definitely be the last one. Why? Simple because it is always better to try reinstalling OpenAL32.dll from the source which causes the problem, then to download it from the Internet and risk to get inappropriate file version.

    Still, nothing dangerous could happen if you do it, so if nothing else works, download OpenAL32.dll from HERE and place it into the same directory where main executable file is located.

    If your program is still unable to start, try to copy downloaded OpenAL32.dll to C:\Windows\System32 folder. If there’s already the same named file inside System32 folder, backup the original file before replacing. If file is currently in use, you should reboot your computer to safe mode and try again. For further instructions on Windows Safe Mode click HERE.


    Alternative titles:

    OpenAL32.dll is Missing
    OpenAL32.dll Crash
    OpenAL32.dll Error Loading
    The Procedure Entry Point OpenAL32.dll
    OpenAL32.dll Access Violation
    OpenAL32.dll Was Not Found
    Cannot Find OpenAL32.dll
    Cannot Register OpenAL32.dll
    OpenAL32.dll Could Not Be Located
    dirt3_game.exe – System Error
    Farming Simulator 2015 OpenAL32.dll

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  • What Are PC Game Trainers and How To Use Them to Cheat In PC Games?

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    Game Trainer is a third-party program which runs simultaneously with video game and allows player to cheat and/or unlock specific game features and options.

    Every computer game uses memory addresses to store specific data related to currently running game, such as player health status, available weapons, ammo stock and similar informations. Trainer is programmed to change these data in order to suit player’s needs.

    Game trainers are the most popular way of cheating in video games, these days.


    How to use game trainer?

    Game trainers are usually designed to be simple and easy to understand for all kinds of gamer audience. Many trainers consists of only one executive file, but sometimes there may be couple of more files and libraries within the same folder. Almost every trainer comes with a detail explanation and usage instructions, stored in Readme.txt file. If there’s no Readme.txt, take a look for any file with .nfo extension and run it via Notepad or similar text editor. 

    The usual procedure is to run the trainer and then run your game, while the trainer window stays active (sometimes it works vice-versa). Trainers are programmed to include a bunch of keyboard shortcuts, which can be used to toggle on/off various trainer features while you’re in game. Some trainers even offer an option to remap shortcut keys to accommodate player’s needs. Usually, you’ll hear a sound message when you activate each trainer option. 

    Some trainers may automatically start playing midi music when started (may be pretty annoying and pointless), but there’s usually a button somewhere within the trainer graphic interface, to turn off this feature. If there’s no music switch button, it will probably stop playing when you start the game.


    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2012 +9 Trainer by h4x0r


    How/where to find and download trainers?

    Game trainers are spread all over the Internet and finding them is more than easy. Just type the game name in Google, followed by the keyword “trainer” and you’ll get a bunch of results. For example “GTA V trainer“, will get you a huge list of sites offering trainer downloads for Grand Theft Auto V.

    Almost every trainer name consists of game title, followed by a plus symbol (+) and number which represents the number of features included in specific game trainer. After the number, there’s usually a name of trainer’s author. This is a standard naming convention for game trainers. For example: GTA V +9 trainer by LinGon or Call Of Duty Ghosts +9 trainer by MaxTre.


    Are game trainers harmful for my computer?

    No, they are absolutely not, but you should definitely pay attention while downloading any kind of content from the internet. Many people tend to upload various kind of malware to their websites and smuggle it as some kind of harmless software such as game trainers.


    My antivirus detected game trainer as a virus! What should I do?

    This is a very common situation, which may be a false alert, which it is in the most number of cases. Game trainers, as explained before, change various memory addresses related to currently running video game, modifying the way game’s executables works. These actions are very similar to those performed by viruses, adware, spyware, trojan horses and any other kind of malicious software. This is the reason why your antivirus or firewall software may report downloaded trainer as an infected and harmful for your PC.

    If this happens, the best practice would be to avoid running suspicious file and search for another trainer, since there are no 100% effective methods to determine if it is a false alarm or real threat. Some websites may include additional informations about trainer, advising you to ignore any possible antivirus warning, but this may also be unreliable (depending on the website reputation). 


    Who makes game trainers and should I pay for them?

    Game trainer are most commonly made by gaming community groups or individuals. Some of the most popular are: PiZZADOX, MaxTre, LinGonFLiNGh4x0rMrAntiFunDEViATEDDEViOUSreVOLVeR.

    Almost all trainers are absolutely FREEWARE programs, developed for fun, not gaining any kind of profit to their Authors. There’s only one, well-known, trainer development group that sells their products and it is CheatHappens (cheathappens.com), but they also offer a bunch of free trainer versions (especially for older game titles).


    Alternative titles:

    How To Use Video Game Cheats
    Video Game Trainers
    How To Download Game Trainers
    Are Game Trainers Safe For Download
    How To Install Game Trainer
    PC Game Trainers
    How To Cheat In Video Games

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  • Windows Could Not Search For New Updates… How To Fix? (Windows 7)

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    It is very important to regularly check for updates in order to keep your Windows OS stable and functional. Windows Update utility within Windows 7 was designed to allow you to manage your updates easily. Although it may stuck while checking for updates for a very long time, but in the most number of cases it will eventually do its job correctly.

    Still sometimes it can return en error code like: 80244022, 80244022c, 80080005, 80072EFD, 8024402c , 80004002, t8007000e, 80072f8f, 80072ee2, 8024402f along with message saying “Windows could not search for new updates“, “An error occured while checking for new updates for your computer” and “Windows Update encountered an unknown error“.

    This problem usually occurs when Windows Update utility is somehow blocked and unable to access Microsoft servers in order to obtain informations on updates. Depending on the cause, there are several solutions which may help you get rid of this error and update your OS.


    Method 1: Turn off your antivirus or firewall software

    Many antivirus or firewall programs such as Avast, Avira, Nod32, ZoneAlarm or Comodo may block Windows Update utility, preventing it to access Microsoft repositories. Make sure to stop all kind of similar services before running Windows Updates. Sometimes some of these programs may still block updater even when stopped, so they have to be completely uninstalled in order to get rid of their actions.


    Method 2: Reset Winsock Catalog through command prompt

    This has been reported as the most common reason for Windows Update failure, so far. Winsock Catalog is an important part of Windows network software which defines access to network services. Sometimes it may become corrupted, causing various network problems. The simple and easy fix is to reset Winsock Catalog to its default setting:

    1. Go to start menu and type “cmd” into the search field.

    2. Select first and the only choice named “cmd.exe” and command prompt window will appear.

    3. Type “netsh winsock reset” into the command prompt window and press ENTER.

    4. Turn off the command prompt window, reboot your PC and try running Windows Update utility again.


    Method 3: Adjust your Windows date and time

    Make sure that your Windows 7 date and time is set correctly, since this can also be a reason for updates to return error. If your time is not set correctly, follow these steps to fix it:

    1. Right click on your clock at the bottom-right corner of the screen and select Adjust date/time.

    2. Date and Time utility window will open. Click on the button labeled “Change date and time“.

     3. Set your date and time correctly and press OK twice to exit and save changes.

    4. Try running Windows Update utility again.


    Alternative titles:

    Unable to Install Windows Updates
    Windows Update Ran Into a Problem
    Windows Update error
    Some Updates Were Not Installed
    Windows Update Cannot Check For Updates

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