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  • Phone Turns Off When Dropped, Hit or Bumped? It Can Be Fixed In Under a Minute!

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    Does your phone keep turning off or restarting every time it’s being dropped, hit or bumped

    This is a very common problem, especially with phones that have been sitting unused for a long period of time (one month or more). The problem is most commonly caused by an oxide layer that develops over the battery’s contact surface. It is a gold plated surface separated in few parts where each part touches the connector on the phone housing. The thin oxide layer isn’t powerful enough to completely disable the connection between battery and connector but it makes it weaker. So, when bumped, battery tends to lose its connection and the phone turns of or restarts

    Galaxy S2 i9000 battery and connector

    1. Turn off your phone and remove the battery

    2. Use a small slotted screwdriver to clean contact surfaces on the battery. Adjust the pressure to remove an oxide layer completely without damaging golden plated surface too much. 

    3. Put together all parts and turn on the phone


    Do not repeat this procedure very often to avoid making a serious damage to the contact surfaces. Oxide layer takes a lot of time to develop, so it is enough to clean it once a year.

    Phone Battery Contacts Cleaning

    Alternative titles:

    Mobile Phone Random Restarts
    Phone keeps turning off itself
    Cell Phone Turns Off When Hit
    Phone Turning Off If Bumped
    Phone Restarting Problem

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