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  • Gmail is Abandoning Windows XP And Vista Untill The End of 2017

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    It ain’t easy being Windows XP or Vista user these days. Google Chrome, Google Drive, Firefox, Dropbox, and now the most important of all… The Gmail. All essential and the most useful services are dumping XP and Vista and it’s all happening within a one year period! Like there’s been some kind of conspiracy against those operation systems 🙂

    Personally, I don’t mourn for Vista, it was a crappy OS anyway, but I really feel sorry for good old Windows XP. For God’s sake, XP was a king for over a decade! Now it is just a worn-out product, rapidly falling into oblivion, leaving a sunny green meadow as the only memory if its existence in the past. 


    End Of Windows XP and VistaFew days ago, Google announced that Gmail will discontinue supporting Chrome version 53 and lower by December 2017. Instead of the latest Gmail interface, XP/Vista users will be switched to basic HTML version of Gmail, since Chrome for XP/Vista can’t be upgraded above version 49. 

    On February 8th 2017, a banner may prompt at the top of Gmail’s interface, reminding all users to upgrade Chrome to version 55 or above in order to obtain the latest security updates. This Banner will disappear if user updates the Chrome, but this applies only to users with newer OS (Windows 7 or above).   



    What is this “basic HTML” version of Gmail?

    Basic HTML is a very limited version of Gmail, capable of basic email operations only. There’s no chat, spell checking, rich formatting, importing/exporting contacts, keyboard shortcuts, etc. In the other words, it is a very basic web mail application as Gmail was back in 2004 🙂  Here’s how it looks: 

    Preview of Gmail Basic Html View


    I don’t need fancy Gmail features! Can I just continue sending/receiving my emails?

    Yes, you can. BUT… Since there’s no new updates to XP/Vista version of Chrome, you’ll drastically expose yourself to the risk of being hacked! As with any other software, Gmail developers are constantly working to improve security of Gmail and this development will be stopped for XP/Vista version. Hackers, on the other hand, are constantly searching for any kind of workaround on how to bypass security measures, especially with applications such as Gmail


    How many people are using Windows XP or Vista today?

    According to statistical charts for the end of 2016, about 9% of all desktop computers around the globe are still using Windows XP. As expected, Vista percentage is significantly lower, only about 0.8%. Anyway, this means there are still millions of XP users out there. These folks are rapidly running out of options with their version of OS and, no matter how stubborn they are, upgrading to the newer version of Windows will eventually become inevitable. 


    Alternative titles:

    Gmail Terminating Support For XP/Vista
    Gmail Ending Support For XP/Vista
    Gmail Dumping XP and Vista
    No More Gmail For XP and Vista
    Gmail Stops Supporting Older Browsers
    Gmail Will Stop Working On XP and Vista
    Gmail Basic HTML View Preview

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  • How to Fix “Viber has stopped working” Error (windows 7)

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    Viber is the most popular IM (instant-messaging) and VOIP (voice-over-ip) app for Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian and Bada devices.

    Developed by “Viber Media“, this small but extremely useful software became planetary popular overnight, and there is no smartphone or tablet who doesn’t have it installed.

    High quality voice calls and text messaging with rich variety of emoticons, animated messages and animated stickers, boosted Viber to the top as direct competition to all well-known IM apps, such as Skype, WhatApp and Facebook Messenger.


    Although originally designed as the mobile app, it eventually arrived to desktops powered by Windows, OS X and 64-bit LinuxWindows 7 users, as the most numerous, are highly interested to get a new desktop version of Viber, but sometimes it ain’t that easy…

    Right after installation process, Viber.exe might crash, returning “Viber has stopped workingerror message

    Viber has stopped working, windows 7

    Solution for this error is to install the latest Windows 7 updates, especially Service Pack 1. Since Viber is relatively newer software, it utilizes the latest Windows programs and libraries, which sometimes can’t be found if OS wasn’t updated recently.

    Even if you think your Windows OS is currently up to date, run Windows Update utility and check for updates or follow THIS link to see detail explanation on how to update Windows 7 properly.


    Alternative titles:

    Viber for windows 7 not working
    Windows 7 Viber crash
    Viber.exe unable to start

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  • How to Fix “Nvidia Installer Failed” Error (Windows 7)

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    NVIDIA Installer failed” is a very common error message which may happen during NVIDIA Graphic Driver installation process.

    It is usually related to outdated DirectX or .NET Framework libraries, although it can also occur due to conflict between previously installed graphic drivers and the new version.

    Installer usually stuck while trying to install NVIDIA GeForce Experience or Graphic Driver itself, although sometimes all services may be reported as “Not Installed“.  



    Nvidia Installer Failed


    Method 1: install the latest Windows updates, along with Service Pack 1

    Installing the latest Windows updates, along with Service Pack 1 will fix this error in over 90% of cases. Graphic drivers, video games, drawing programs and any other software who uses GPU functionality, usually utilize the latest Microsoft programs and libraries, so make sure to keep your Windows OS up to date to avoid this kind of problems. Follow THIS link for detail instructions on how to properly update your Windows 7.

    NOTE: Follow the provided link even if you think you have all the latest updates installed, since Windows Update utility sometimes may give you the false information that there are no new updates available. Further explanation on the provided page…


    Method 2: disable any kind of antivirus and firewall software

    As you may already assume, any kind of firewall and/or antivirus software such as Avast, Nod23, Norton, Zone Alarm or Comodo Internet Security may cause this kind of situation.  These programs may misunderstand Nvidia Driver Installer actions and categorize them as the suspicious behavior. What happens next is pretty much expected… All actions performed by Nvidia Installer will be blocked and the installation will not be able to continue. So make sure that all antivirus/firewall services have been disabled and then try running Nvidia Installer again.


    Method 3: use DDU utility to uninstall old drivers and re-install new one

    If error still persists, the only method left to try is to completely uninstall all previous driver versions via DDU – Display Driver Uninstaller, and try reinstalling the new one. DDU utility has been known for its ability to deeply uninstall all previously installed display drivers and remove all additional files related to them. It works equally well for Nvidia, AMD Radeon and Intel graphic drivers. Follow these steps:

    1. Download DDU file.

    2. Extract file using WinRar archiver or 7-Zip.

    3. Enter extracted folder and run Display Driver Uninstaller.exe.

    4. Select “Safe Mode” under “Launch option” drop-down menu, and click “Reboot to Safe Mode” button.

    5. After your PC restarts it will enter safe mode, and DDU utility will automatically start. As you can see, there’s “Select Graphic Driver” drop-down menu on the right side, where you can choose between graphic card manufacturers (Nvidia, AMD and Intel). On the left side, there’s a list of drivers detected, and as you select card manufacturer, DDU will show you if there are some drivers installed for specific selection. To remove detected driver click on Clean and restart button. It is recommended to delete all drivers detected by DDU, so multiple restarts and Safe Mode entering may be required.

    6. When you’re done removing all detected drivers, your PC will boot into the Windows and behave like it is detecting a graphic card for the first time. “Installing device driver software” mesage may appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Ignore everything and try installing your NVIDIA drivers again.


    Alternative titles:

    Nvidia Installer cannot continue
    NVIDIA GeForce Experience Not Installed
    Graphic driver not installed

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  • Windows Could Not Search For New Updates… How To Fix? (Windows 7)

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    It is very important to regularly check for updates in order to keep your Windows OS stable and functional. Windows Update utility within Windows 7 was designed to allow you to manage your updates easily. Although it may stuck while checking for updates for a very long time, but in the most number of cases it will eventually do its job correctly.

    Still sometimes it can return en error code like: 80244022, 80244022c, 80080005, 80072EFD, 8024402c , 80004002, t8007000e, 80072f8f, 80072ee2, 8024402f along with message saying “Windows could not search for new updates“, “An error occured while checking for new updates for your computer” and “Windows Update encountered an unknown error“.

    This problem usually occurs when Windows Update utility is somehow blocked and unable to access Microsoft servers in order to obtain informations on updates. Depending on the cause, there are several solutions which may help you get rid of this error and update your OS.


    Method 1: Turn off your antivirus or firewall software

    Many antivirus or firewall programs such as Avast, Avira, Nod32, ZoneAlarm or Comodo may block Windows Update utility, preventing it to access Microsoft repositories. Make sure to stop all kind of similar services before running Windows Updates. Sometimes some of these programs may still block updater even when stopped, so they have to be completely uninstalled in order to get rid of their actions.


    Method 2: Reset Winsock Catalog through command prompt

    This has been reported as the most common reason for Windows Update failure, so far. Winsock Catalog is an important part of Windows network software which defines access to network services. Sometimes it may become corrupted, causing various network problems. The simple and easy fix is to reset Winsock Catalog to its default setting:

    1. Go to start menu and type “cmd” into the search field.

    2. Select first and the only choice named “cmd.exe” and command prompt window will appear.

    3. Type “netsh winsock reset” into the command prompt window and press ENTER.

    4. Turn off the command prompt window, reboot your PC and try running Windows Update utility again.


    Method 3: Adjust your Windows date and time

    Make sure that your Windows 7 date and time is set correctly, since this can also be a reason for updates to return error. If your time is not set correctly, follow these steps to fix it:

    1. Right click on your clock at the bottom-right corner of the screen and select Adjust date/time.

    2. Date and Time utility window will open. Click on the button labeled “Change date and time“.

     3. Set your date and time correctly and press OK twice to exit and save changes.

    4. Try running Windows Update utility again.


    Alternative titles:

    Unable to Install Windows Updates
    Windows Update Ran Into a Problem
    Windows Update error
    Some Updates Were Not Installed
    Windows Update Cannot Check For Updates

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