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  • Gmail is Abandoning Windows XP And Vista Untill The End of 2017Gmail is Abandoning Windows XP And Vista Untill The End of 2017

    It ain’t easy being Windows XP or Vista user these days. Google Chrome, Google Drive, Firefox, Dropbox, and now the most important of all… The Gmail. All essential and the most useful services are dumping XP and Vista and it’s all happening within a one year period! Like there’s been some kind of conspiracy against those operation systems 🙂     Personally, I don’t mourn for Vista, it was a crappy OS anyway, but I really […]

  • How to Fix “Viber has stopped working” Error (windows 7)How to Fix “Viber has stopped working” Error (windows 7)

    Viber is the most popular IM (instant-messaging) and VOIP (voice-over-ip) app for Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian and Bada devices. Developed by “Viber Media“, this small but extremely useful software became planetary popular overnight, and there is no smartphone or tablet who doesn’t have it installed.     High quality voice calls and text messaging with rich variety of emoticons, animated messages and animated stickers, boosted Viber to the top as direct competition to all well-known […]

  • How to Fix “Nvidia Installer Failed” Error (Windows 7)How to Fix “Nvidia Installer Failed” Error (Windows 7)

    NVIDIA Installer failed” is a very common error message which may happen during NVIDIA Graphic Driver installation process. It is usually related to outdated DirectX or .NET Framework libraries, although it can also occur due to conflict between previously installed graphic drivers and the new version. Installer usually stuck while trying to install NVIDIA GeForce Experience or Graphic Driver itself, although sometimes all services may be reported as “Not Installed“.         Method 1: install the […]

  • Windows Could Not Search For New Updates… How To Fix? (Windows 7)Windows Could Not Search For New Updates… How To Fix? (Windows 7)

    It is very important to regularly check for updates in order to keep your Windows OS stable and functional. Windows Update utility within Windows 7 was designed to allow you to manage your updates easily. Although it may stuck while checking for updates for a very long time, but in the most number of cases it will eventually do its job correctly.   Still sometimes it can return en error code like: 80244022, 80244022c, 80080005, […]