Top 5 Most Gruesome, Disgusting and Absolutely Weird Food


Would you eat a whole, live octopus while it struggles for its life and trying to escape from your mouth? Or how about a boiled duck egg with the grown embryo inside??

While many people feel disgusted to even think about having such a meal, thousands of restaurants all over the world include these in their every-day menu. And guess what? Some folks enjoy eating them, just like you enjoy chewing your Big Mac or KFC drumsticks!  


We present you the most disgusting, terrifying, bizarre, gruesome and ugly meals being served as well-known specialties all around the globe!  Viewer discretion advised  😀 😀 😀 


1. Balut


While being considered as ethically totally unacceptable in a modern-day world, Balut has been pretty popular among Asian people through the last couple of centuries and still is.

As you may already presumed watching the images, we are talking about an egg with the grown bird embryo, boiled in hot water and served on the plate! 



Although the duck eggs are most commonly used, chicken eggs are also pretty popular.

To be ready for Balut, the duck egg usually stays in incubation for 14 to 18 days. Sometime they even wait for 21 days to pass before putting the egg with live baby bird in a hot water and cook it to death. Considering that incubation period for hatching these eggs is around 28 days… This might be the cruelest and most hatred food on the planet.

Balut is popular in many Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, but it is the most common in Philippines, where they prepare and sell this as a regular street-food. 

Although it is believed that Balut tastes the best when egg is 17 days old, some people like it much older. There’s even a weird practice among young man to eat Balut from fully developed embryo to prove their manhood. Can you believe that?? The more gross it looks, the more manly they feel…

Anyway, if you still wanna try this food, it can be purchased on the streets of Manila for about 10 pesos ($0.2). And if you are a male, you may even impress some Filipino girl with your manliness 😀



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