Universal Quick-fix Solutions For Any Windows Application Error


If you are experienced Windows PC user, you’ve probably encountered “Application Error” prompts which usually come as the only explanation after your favorite game/application stops responding and crashes (usually with no reason).

No matter if your app is not responding, crashing, freezing, lagging or even not starting at all, it usually end up with annoying Application Error prompt window.



Most common Errors in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

0x80004005, 0x0000007e, 0xc000021a, 0x0000007b, 0x80070005, 0x80240017, 0x80070057, 0x8000ffff, 0x80070643, 0x80070422, 0x80070570, 0x80240fff, 0x80070002, 0x800705b4, 0x000000000xc000007b0xc00000050x7c911746, 0xc0000142, 0x7801cb24, 0x3f3dbf8f, 0xc0000135, 0x70b6e5a8, 0x80000003, 0x7c901010, 0xe8c71764, 0xc0000409, 0x00401020, 0x8080771c, 0x63D00F43, 0x06584000, 0xdf9ef5dd, 0x3f02e97e, 0x100b7248, 0xa767cabd, 0x1dace228, 0x80080005,  0xc00000a5

Ox8OOO4OO5, OxOOOOOO7e, OxcOOOO21a, OxOOOOOO7b, Ox8OO7OOO5, Ox8O24OO17, Ox8OO7OO57, Ox8OOOffff, Ox8OO7O643, Ox8OO7O422, Ox8OO7O57O, Ox8O24Offf, Ox8OO7OOO2, Ox8OO7O5b4, OxOOOOOOOO, OxcOOOOO7b , OxcOOOOOO5, Ox7c911746, OxcOOOO142, Ox78O1cb24, Ox3f3dbf8f, OxcOOOO135, Ox7Ob6e5a8, Ox8OOOOOO3, Ox7c9O1O1O, Oxe8c71764, OxcOOOO4O9, OxOO4O1O2O, Ox8O8O771c, Ox63DOOF43, OxO6584OOO, Oxdf9ef5dd, Ox3fO2e97e, Ox1OOb7248, Oxa767cabd, Ox1dace228, Ox8OO8OOO5,  OxcOOOOOa5


What causes Application Errors in Windows?

There’s no clear answer to this question. Although all Application Error windows look visually similar, every one of them occurred from a different reason.  When you determine the reason, the easier will be to find a solution. 

The only reasonable explanation would be that some files or registry keys are missing, corrupted, unsigned, or out of date. Application requires those to run properly and when it tries to load them… The problem occurs.


How to fix Windows Application Error?

The most important part of every Application Error is the error code provided within the prompt window. For example, this is one of the most common Windows Application Errors nowadays: 



As you can see, the error code for this error is 0xc000007b. This is the personal ID for every Application Error, and the main weapon for fighting them. Try googling this word and you’ll find the hundreds of explanations, step-by-step tutorials and recommendations on how to fix it.  

Still, almost every solution you find requires a lot of reading, installing, deleting, restarting and this might lasts for hours and even days until you find the appropriate solution that will solve the problem in your case.

Before going through this procedure, make sure to try universal quick-fix methods, described in the rest of this post. 


Method 1: try running your application in a different Windows Compatibility mode

Compatibility mode is a very useful Windows feature which allows you to execute programs originally designed for older versions of Windows operation system.

Although it might sound odd to run a recently developed app in compatibility mode for Windows XP, it has been proven as the most efficient method for fixing problematic apps, especially games. 

To try this method, follow the procedure below…


1  Right-click on your application icon (shortcut or .exe file within the installation directory) and select properties.

2  Switch to “Compatibility” tab and select “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” checkbox.

3  Cycle through all compatibility options, starting from newer Windows OS versions. Each time you select different mode, press OK button and try running your app again. If it still returns an error, keep repeating the whole procedure until you try all compatibility modes.


Windows Compatibility Mode
If you’re thinking “What a bunch of crap…”, please keep in mind that this page was designed for rookies who didn’t heard of “Compatibility mode” before 😀


If this wasn’t helpful in solving Application Error, proceed to the next page to see Method 2


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