GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod


Hot Coffee Mod is a small piece of software that turns off censorship from some parts of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas video game.

During development, Rockstar Games implemented a small mini-game containing sexually explicit content inside the GTA San Andreas. It was designed to activate when main character Carl “CJ” Johnson enters his girlfriend’s house for a coffee.



Mini-game allows player to control CJ during sexual intercourse by pressing keyboard keys synchronized to the music rhythm. This feature was disable before game was released, but years later, someone managed to avoid censorship within the game and that’s how “Hot Coffee Mod” became popular. 


How to activate GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod? 

1  Download Hot_Coffee_21.rar file

2  Extract file using WinRar archiver or 7-Zip

3  Enter extracted folder and follow instructions in readme.txt to activate Hot Coffee Mod. This process will include replacing of game files within the GTA SA installation folder located here:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas

Note: You can easily jump into the game install folder by right-clicking on the game’s shortcut and choosing “Open file location


Alternative titles:

Download Hot Coffee Mod
GTA SA Hot Coffee

  1. Everyone has their own mind and creations, and simply unlocking a hidden feature from a game can be rewarding to some people who mod. But i’ve read articles about society blaming the community for these tragic events, and the possibilities of less modification capabilities really upsets me. It’s almost in a sense telling 3D designers they can’t use their software or talents to it’s full potential.