GTA V Social Club Error FIX


Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) has always been quite complicated to run, especially if some of many required third-party programs are not installed and properly updated.

Besides latest Nvidia/ATI display driver, DirectX.NET framework, C++ Redistributable packages, Rockstar Social Club is the most important application you need to have installed before even trying to run Grand Theft Auto V.



Alright, let’s say every piece of GTA V required software is installed and updated to the latest version, and you finally come to the point where you click on the GTA V Launcher.exe, hoping to enjoy this digital masterpiece… 

Game window pops up, police sirens from a popular GTA V intro are announcing the begging of game, but… Instead of loading beautiful GTA 5 Artwork screens, you got a big and clumsy ERROR MESSAGE! 👿

Oh wait! Two buttons are there, OK and Cancel! Maybe if you choose Cancel, game will continue loading without a stupid, damn, cursed, and totally unnecessary Social Club crap !?

But then you realize the sad truth… No matter what you choose, you’re gonna be dumped from the game, until you investigate what’s wrong with the freaking Social Club (in that moment, it’s gonna sound like “Pensioners Club” to you 😀 )


Social Club failed to load due to an incomplete installation. Please exit the game and re-install the latest version of the Social Club. Press OK to view an online support article to help resolve this issue. Press CANCEL to exit.


How to fix this annoying situation?

Well, despite the Rockstar’s advice to re-install the latest version of the Social Club, this ain’t gonna help. In fact, this advice is the main culprit why many people weren’t able to get rid of this problem for a very long time, despite downloading and installing the latest Social Club software

The thing is, Rockstar Games developed GTA V to require the latest Social Club version but it is the version which was the latest at the moment when GTA 5 was released! Okay, I know this might sound a little bit confusing, but it is actually very simple…

You need the exact version of Social Club that was released at the same time with a game! 
That’s right, all newer versions aren’t compatible with GTA 5 and that’s the cause of this error. 

1  Go to Programs and Features (if you don’t know where it is, find it through the start menu search), and seek for “Rockstar Games Social Club”. 

2  Right click on the Social Club icon and select Uninstall

3  When the Social Club uninstall process is done, seek for GTA V installation directory. The quickest way is to right-click on game shortcut and choose Open file location.

4  There’s a folder named “Installers” within the game installation folder. That’s where you’ll find the exact version of Social Club, required for GTA V. The location to Social Club installer should be something like this:


C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\Installers\Social Club v1.1.5.8 Setup.exe


As you can see, Social Club v1.1.5.8 Setup.exe is the only version which is compatible with GTA V.



Rockstar Games Social Club Uninstall 
All Rockstar Applications must be removed
before removing Rockstar Games Social Club


There’s a chance that you’ll get this notification when trying to uninstall the Social Club. If so, seek for Social Club installation folder and delete it manually.

If some of Social Club files are currently in use, making it impossible to delete folder, try removing it through the Windows Safe Mode (more about Safe Mode HERE).

The Rockstar Games Social Club install folder should be located at:


C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Social Club