Top 5 Most Gruesome, Disgusting and Absolutely Weird Food


2. Casu Marzu

The cheese with live maggots… How disgusting does that sound?
The island of Sardinia is the place of origin and probably the only place on earth where you can ask for wormy cheese and not being considered lunatic 🙂 

It is a sheep milk cheese containing hundreds of live insect larvae, approximately 0.3 in (8 mm) long.



The process of making is identical to Pecorino cheese except when it is finished, they remove the upper crust  and left it on the sun for couple of hours. Flies rush to the fresh upper side of the cheese, planting thousands of eggs.  The cheese is then left for two to three months in the dark and cold place, where fly eggs develop into larvae.  After that period, Casu Marzu is finished and ready to serve!

It is considered a delicacy among Sardinians and they usually serve it on the ceremonies such as weddings and birthdays. Some of them practice to clear the worms before consuming, although there are many of them who enjoy eating everything. In this case, it is strongly recommended to cover your eyes, since cheese worms are very agile, being able to launch themselves for distance up to 6 in (15cm)! Imagine these perky little creatures moving all over their cheesy valley, where they were born and lived happily until someone decided to eat them along with their habitat 😀

Although Casu Marzu is being considered a traditional Sardinian food, it has been declared as illegal to produce and sell due to European Union hygiene regulations. Still, it can easily be found and bought at the black market for double the price of Pecorino cheese.



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