Top 5 Most Gruesome, Disgusting and Absolutely Weird Food


3. Octopus

You’re probably asking yourself  “What’s so gross about eating an octopus?”

Well, yeah, octopus is a very common choice at many fish restaurants all over the world. They are usually prepared cooked or fried or sometimes even a raw, inside the sushi for example. But did you know that many Korean restaurants serve these without any preparation, directly from water?!


That’s right, they catch an octopus while he’s carelessly swimming in the aquarium and serve it to the costumer ALIVE. It crawls and moves on the plate while a hungry guest prepares himself to swallow a whole live animal!

But eating a live octopus isn’t an easy task. If you let it spreads its tentacles too mutch, it will start sticking numerous suckers all over your mouth, trying to grab for something. This is their natural method of moving, so it is just trying to escape from a death trap. If you try to swallow in that moment, it may grab and hold itself to the walls of your throat, blocking the air flow, causing serious choking and even death. That’s why it’s so important to chew it really god before swallowing. 

If you really want to eat a raw octopus, the best way is to demand it chopped and killed first. It’s much more easier to eat, tastes the same and it is a way more ethical way to kill it… Imagine yourself being forced to choose whether you’ll be executed by a sword or chewed to death by a giant mouth, full of blunt teeth???



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