Top 5 Most Gruesome, Disgusting and Absolutely Weird Food


4. Blood Pancakes 

Ok, this one sounds so unbelievable that you’ll probably return few times to read again (at least I did, when I’ve read this for the first time 🙂 )…

These are real pancakes, very similar to regular pancakes, but the main ingredients are PORK BLOOD mixed with COW MILK. Bizarre combination, isn’t it??



This food originates from Finland, where they called it “Veriohukaiset“, but it is en equally popular in Sweden and they use a word “Blodplättar“.

They prepare these in a regular pancake pan and just like regular pancakes, blood pancakes may be consumed as sweet or salty meal.


Salty version of blood pancakes  is usually served with pork or reindeer meat.

Sweet version of blood pancakes is usually served with lingonberry jam or sugared lingonberries. Lingonberries are Scandinavian forest fruit, similar to cranberries. I guess trying those with Nutella would be an ultimate craziness 😀



Despite the bad and bizarre reputation outside the Scandinavian countries, Blood Pancakes are considered very healthy and highly nutritious food, especially because of high iron content. 



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