Universal Quick-fix Solutions For Any Windows Application Error


Method 7: turn off all running antivirus programs and check for their quarantined items

Maybe you’ve already tried this million times before and it never helped, but this time it might solve your Application Error problem.

This thing is, all antivirus programs may sometimes mistakenly detect particular files as harmful, automatically removing them from their residential directories. If some of these are required by your application… You know what happens. 


All files removed by an antivirus are usually stored somewhere within the antivirus installation directory and locked. This is what antivirus software calls a quarantine.

Look for a list of quarantined items within your antivirus interface, and check if there are some files that may be related to application you’re trying to revive. If so, restore these files to their original locations.

After you checked quarantined items, try disabling any kind of antivirus, internet security, malware scanner or firewall software, and try running your application again. You might be pleasantly surprised when it starts without an error 😉


Note: keep in mind that this behavior is also specific for any other kind of security programs such as firewalls, internet security suites, malware scanners and such. Especially pay attention to Microsoft Security Essentials, since this program tends to delete various third party files, without even notifying the user of its actions. 

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