Universal Quick-fix Solutions For Any Windows Application Error


10: Reinstall the application 

If nothing else happens, you can always try reinstalling problematic application as the last resort before deciding to reinstall the complete Windows OS

The most efficient method is to completely uninstall the application and then install it again using its original installer. Before starting a new installation, it is a good practice for check if previous installation directory is still there, since there might be some remaining files.


1  Right click on your application shortcut and select “Open file location“. Windows Explorer will prompt, with application installation directory. Minimize Windows Explorer and proceed to the next step. 

2  Go to the start menu and enter “uninstall a program” into the search box. Select the first result, as shown on the picture below…

3  Find your application in the list of programs, right click on its icon and select “Uninstall“.

4  Follow the uninstall process and make sure everything is uninstalled. 

5  Switch to Windows Explorer, you’ve got in the first step, and check if there’s still installation directory there. If so, delete it along with all files within.

6  Install the application again using its original installer.


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